Did you ever have a problem with finding a taxi? Uber is the best solution for you every time. All you had to do is download the UBER app, book a cab and wait for 5 min. Uber will be in front of you. Uber marketing strategies play a major role in success of uber.

” Sounds Fast “

There must be some good marketing and product development strategies that Uber had used to spread this habit so fast and so wide.

Today in this video we will be discussing the Uber marketing strategies that they had used to become a multinational company and play in billions.

 We will be starting with a very basic concept that is how to start a business.

The first two things that you need to find before building a business is ‘ demand’ and ‘supply’. Like, take the example of our organization only. When we analyze that there a high demand for digital marketing courses in the market teaching both marketing and digital instead of only digital.

And after we find the demand we supply it.

In the same way, Uber works. When they find people are having very high demand regarding Taxi and auto then they find a solution and launch Uber. Here are some of the Uber marketing strategies:-


1. Giveaways and free rides

The best publicity in marketing is mouth publicity. Uber uses this strategy to build this base. At Uber’s initial stages, the company was providing a huge discount on every ride and even sometimes it was free for the first customer. 

This is how the trend of Uber gets at a rapid pace. People started booking cabs instead of going to Auto because at earlier stages of Uber. Uber cab was cheaper than the auto.

The is was the first Uber marketing strategies that help them in mouth publicity and bringing the trend.

2. Reviews and Recommendations

What I personally like in Uber, Zomato, Swiggy is they are having review system for both the parties that are for the driver as well as the passenger.

This not only acts as an incentive for both drivers and riders to behave well with each other but also helps Uber to identify which driver or rider is more important to them than others. Uber divides the rider and drivers in the hierarchy based on rating. Provide more offers to both at a higher level in the hierarchy.

Uber marketing strategies is the reason behind the success.

The is was innovative Uber marketing strategies that help them develop as a brand.

3. Focus majorly of 2P’s of marketing

The 4P’s of marketing are-

. Product

. Price

. Place

. Promotion

Uber mainly focus on the 2P’s that is product and price. You might be noticing that in the past 2 years Uber is diversifying the services it provides that is Uber introduced Uber Auto, Uber Pool, Uber Bike and more bifurcation in each service.

Uber marketing strategies is the reason behind the success.

When you are doing your business, you need to prioritize your goals and objectives, in the same way, Uber did.

And it is doing well.

4. Application of analytical strategies

Uber is been using lots of analytical strategies in the last five years. ‘Uber technology incorporation ltd’ is having all the information regarding Uber Marketing. Some analytical strategies use by Uber are-

. SWOT analysis


. Porter’s Five Forces

. Value Chain analysis

. McKinsey 7S Model

and after analyzing all the modules, Uber makes combine strategies. Only because of these strategies Uber succeded. These analytical strategies play a major role in Uber’s marketing strategies.

5. Uber loyalty program

Now answer me one question, how you can make your regular customer feel more attached to your company.

Probably by giving them discounts, inviting them to your annual meeting and functions. But in all these methods you will be occurring some cost. But the strategy Uber has used is different. 

Not many customers know about it. When you complete 100 Uber rides then you enter into the ‘UBER VIP’ program. Uber VIP program means whenever that person books a cab, then they will have special access to high rating drivers. 

This is how Uber tells it’s a customer that how important they are to Uber.

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You can learn from these strategies and can implement them in your business.

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