A Complete Course On Digital Marketing

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  • 110+ pre-recorded lectures (Lifetime access)
  • 30+ hours of video content.
  • Live doubt-clearing sessions. (Direct with Aarjav Jain)
  • Digital Marketing Internship (Work from home)
  • Tests, Quizzes, and case studies.
  • 6 certificated from Google
  • 2 Certificates from Hubspot
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Free Elementor Pro worth Rs.14,000/- (Lifetime access)


Digital Marketing Course Objective 

We have been working as a digital marketing agency for the last 3 years and while taking the interviews, we always found that the marketing course students are doing is only theoretical.
We ask one practical question from the interviewee, he was not able to do so.

So, we started analyzing courses available in the market and we came to know either the course was of  Rs.500 which was not providing any practical knowledge or the course was of Rs.40,000/- and everyone not able to afford that amount.

So we come up with  “A COMPLETE COURSE ON DIGITAL MARKETING”, our mission to connect with 1 Million people in India through this course and provide the digital marketing knowledge in common and simple language. The reason we put the price at Rs.2,000 is so that everyone can afford that.

During the Camp you will learn:

. Website Development
. Search Engine Optimization (How to rank a website on Google)
. Content Marketing
. Google Search Console
. Google Analytics (How to analyze traffic on the website)
. Social Media Marketing (Organic Growth)
. Facebook Ads
. YouTube Ads
. Twitter Ads
. Quora Ads
. Google ads Manager
. Google Adsense
. Email Marketing
. E-commerce website development
. Affiliate Marketing

Course benefits:

. We will be highly focusing on the implementation part and that is the reason we are providing all the resources required.
. You will be getting an edge over others in this digital world
. Opportunity to work as an intern at Digisidekick Agency
. Certifications from Google and DigiSidekick

9 reviews for A Complete Course On Digital Marketing

  1. Shivani Gupta

    Hi, I am Shivani. I enroll in this course 2 months ago. I am having really good experience after enrolling for this course. The best part is I got all the video lectures on time and everything is explained from scratch in this course.
    I am a Delhi University Student and hoping to get a good internship after the recommendation of Mr. Aarjav.

  2. Rajeev Mishra

    Hi, my name is Rajeev Mishra and I am working as a sales manager in Cipla. When I got to know about this course, I was really excited to learn about all the marketing case studies that they tell me on the phone.
    That was actually true, every week we get two case studies on the marketing of various brands like Uber, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola. That really helps to broaden my view of the audience. Help me to develop strategies of my own.
    Not only that, but every technical topic is also explained with full ease.

  3. Pankaj Rai

    This course s beyond my expectations. Teachers are really good and supportive.

    I highly recommend enrolling in this course. I am recommending this because I am 45 years old and I have seen people promising many things and not actually doing it at the end. But everything they state on the website is true. Digisidekick provides me 25,000 worth plugin that includes Elementor, Movavi, Keyword anywhere and Adobe photoshop.

  4. Saumya

    I really like tge course, curriculum is very vast. This course helps me in CV improvement.

  5. Kajal

    Today I completed two modules of this course and the course is really exiting and practical to do.
    It is like i am having my small busienss.

  6. Yuvraj

    I just completed the first module in the course, that was website development and it was fun and a new thing to learn. Exited to go ahead.

  7. Divya Mathur

    It is been 2 weeks I have enrolled for this course and the experience is rich. Videos in this course are really good. What I like the most is the marketing of the companies that we get to know in the middle of every module. Thanks for making this course at such affordable rate.

  8. Aarchi Jain

    I really like the webinar that Mr.Aarjav conducts and all the marketing strategies and analysis are amazing and very helpful.

  9. Amog

    I like the quality of content of this course and everthing was taughr from scratch.
    And the webinars were amazing.

  10. Anamika jedd

    The whole course was based on practical approach and i will suggest you to do this course.
    This course makes my quarantine very productive.😊😊

  11. Sonu Sharma

    I like the webinar conducted by Mr. Aarjav. Its a really good experience of attending this webinar. After attending this webinar I came to his website and bought the course.

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