5 amazing Nike marketing Strategies must know!

5 amazing Nike marketing Strategies must know!

It will be safe to say that Nike is at the top of its game only because of Nike marketing

As of now, Nike is having 48% of the Americal athletic market and 95% of the basketball footwear market.

Isn’t this a huge number!!

Do you think Nike is only making shoes inside there big factories and offices or there is something else deeper behind it?

Nike marketing strategies have proven them to be a monopoly in their market. Now we will be discussing some of the strategies that help them to capture such a big market.

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Nike Marketing Strategies

1. Nike is in the Story selling business, not in shoe selling.

It is been around 10 years I am watching Nike advertisement and they had never said in there advertisement or on social media to buy their products. 

Nike uses the marketing tool called emotional marketing, each Nike advertisement is crafted with an innovative timeline i.e first they carefully point out the problems that their customers are facing and second they tell how Nike products can help them to resolve those problems.

Nowadays people are not interested in seeing informative advertisements. 

The customer likes to relate to the advertisements, the same strategy is been very mush use by Feviquick.

Just see the video and you will understand the power of emotional branding.

2. Good content marketing doesn’t sell, it spreads

During FIFA 2014, Nike launched ‘Nike Phinominal Shots’ getting in collaboration with Google.

Whenever a Nike player plays a shot in the live match. A picture of that Nike player was displayed on the google display ads to the fans. Fans can also rotate that player, to get a 3D effect.

You can personalize that player with various shots and then can share it on your social media. This is some Nike marketing strategy that helps them to capture a huge market.

More than 6,00,000 ‘Phenomenal moments’ were created during FIFA 2014 which is amazing in itself.

So, this was something that brings Nike to another level. 

By this point, I am stating that creating an innovative and appealing content will always get recognition.

3 Cause marketing

Nike is another example of cause marketing, in the previous marketing case study we studied that Starbucks used cause marketing too. This Nike marketing will drive you crazy.

Now consumer expects more from the company they are purchasing from and Nike stand on the expectations of its customer.

Nike is engaged in a much different community outreach initiative, not only in the USA but at a global level.

4. Believe in the product you are selling

One thing that is different in Nike and all of its competitors like Puma and Adidas is Price. Nike always believes in the product they are having and never compromises with the quality.

I believe that until and unless you are not having confidence in your product, how can you expect that someone will purchase it from you. So make sure whenever you are convincing someone to purchase your product you should be confident about your product.

One main factor that directly affects your confidence in your product. So make sure you are having a good quality product. 

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a one-way door for Nike, it is a daily conversation for them.

Nike always responds to the people who tweet them on twitter, who tag them on Instagram.

This not only helps to resolve customer problems but also make the experience premium.

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