Maggi Marketing strategies that help them to fight with the controversies

Maggi Marketing strategies that help them to fight with the controversies

In this blog, we will be talking about our favorite 2 minutes noodles, none other than Maggi. Anyone can recognize it as a four-word tagline, favorite four minutes noodles all due to Maggi marketing strategies.

O love Maggi not only because of it’s taste, being a marketer I love Maggi because of marketing strategy of maggi after ban.

Because we all grow up b listening to this tagline again and again on our televisions. Maggi was the only snack that I was able to make when I was 14 years old and probably most of the kids know at that age. This happens because of love toward Maggi.

But this love was not made because of the product but because of how Maggi was portraying themselves on various platforms. In this blog, we will be talking about Nestle’s marketing strategies before and after the controversies. We will figure out how even after such a huge fall in the goodwill as well as sales Nestle was able to achieve those bars again.

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Maggi Marketing strategies before Controversy

First, we will be talking about the Maggi marketing strategies that they use before controversies –

1. Nostalgia factor

Maggi always creates family-based advertisements to attract their target audience. Most of the ads were center around the mother giving their children Maggi after a rough day at school.

That gives a smile on children’s faces with two-minute noodles storyline. Children growing up to use the mother’s special Maggi recipe and remembering that taste during there college days.

Nostalgia was the main Maggi marketing strategies that help to grow at an exponential rate.

Suddenly in India people started having health as a major priority, Nestle at the right time came up with a concept of ‘Tasty Bhi- Healthy Bhi’. This campaign makes sure that they remain in the market.

People usually underestimate the power of effective marketing, but Maggi’s marketing strategies always prove them wrong. Even before Maggi players like Top ramen exist in the market but like Maggi, they never connect with the customer as Coca-Cola does. 

Ean Top ramen tastes better than Maggi but the real difference was created by Maggi marketing strategies.


On June 5, 2015, the FSSAI had ordered a pan-India ban on the Nestle India’s Maggi Noodle on the ground that these were “unsafe and hazardous” for humans due to the presence of leads, allegedly beyond permissible limits. 

A brand that was having over 75% of the market share since ages saw the worst day on 5 June 2015. The entire market with sales worth Rs 250- 300 Crore a month went down to 5-10% after the Maggi controversy. 

After that situation, now nestle needs some really strong marketing strategies.

Maggi marketing strategies after Controversy

To tackle the situation and regain that 70% of the market, Maggi come up with strong marketing strategies.

1. Missyoucampaign

Maggi Marketing strategies
Maggi Marketing strategies
Maggi Marketing strategies

Maggi came up with the three ads on all the platforms like television ads, youtube ads, social media ads. That was-

“Kab vapas Ayega yaar? Miss you”

“I miss you yaar. come back, man:

and ” Abb aa Bhi Jao, miss you yaar”

These ads were run by Nestle, 2 months before the relaunch of Maggi on the store and people go crazy again. In the whole 40-sec ads brand name was not uttered and at last on thing appear on the screen “We miss you too”.

After FSSAI removes the ban from Maggi, the parent company that is Nestle decides to increase the advertising budget by 96%. Yes, you read right 96% was the increase in advertisement budget.

By this, you can find the importance of marketing for every business.

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2. Mother’s Maggi

Maggi Marketing strategies

Maggi marketing strategies are very consistent in terms of content and design.

Quite expected, after the launch of Maggi in the general stores. The first ad launch bt Maggi was of mothers speaking nostalgically about how she used to make Maggi for her children for the last 10 years and had not faced any problem. 

The objective of these ads was fulfilled, the objective was to recreate the trust with the brand, with some nostalgic touch.

For this campaign, Maggi highly targeted social media as a platform. Maggie marketing strategies use platforms like Facebook, which got more than 2,50,000 like on their page after this campaign and 87,700 followers on twitter.

3. Hashtags

In marketing, nothing is better than the mouth publicity. Maggie’s marketing strategies start creating an advertisement on television and social media to make mos use of hashtags on social media.

Maggie uses two hashtags.

. #nothinglikemaggi

Maggi Marketing strategies

. #welcomebackmaggi

Through the advertisement, Nestle wants people to share their stories on Instagram and FFacebook using these hashtags.  

That was how Maggi’s marketing strategies use Mouth publicity and Hashtags as a growth tool.

4. Making a product exclusive

Like with everything else, a consumer is having a separate fan base for exclusive products. Maggie uses the same marketing strategy. Maggi plays a smart card and makes a tie-up with the Sapdeal. Maggi’s product will only be exclusively available on Snapdeal for 1 month.

By this move what will happen is people will start having a feeling of urgency to buy the product and will make a purchase which will be more than sufficient for them. Not only that according to the records on Snapdeal, but Maggi was also sold on the price of 150% more than the actual. This Magi set an official stage for the Maggi to come back and that works really well for them.

Today Maggie has covered the Indian market in such a way that whether it is a small town or an urban area. You will find a Maggi point n every city.

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