Digital Marketing for B2B business

Digital Marketing for B2B business

Many B2B companies like FedEx and Well Fargo have become B2B giants because of the level of planning and marketing they do.

Digital marketing for B2B business is different from B2C businesses. There is a lot of scope for every B2B business with the help of promotion and marketing and can achieve higher targets.

We have to spend lots of time in gathering lots of information about the different B2B business and find a proper digital marketing strategy for them. 

Now we are discussing 5 best digital marketing for B2B business.

Digital Marketing for B2B business

STEP 1 Develop a B2B strategy

51% of the business is not having a strategy in hand when they started, which results in most of them a failure. So, it becomes really important for everyone who is starting a business ( not only B2B business ) must have a plan in his hand. Developing strategies help to get you an edge to you from your competitors.

Now the problem that arises is how to end up with a perfect business plan.

Now I will be telling you some concepts that you should use to make your business strategies.

1 Clear your target audience:- Being a start-up it will be fooled to spend your time and money on the people who are not interested in taking your services.

Only 3% audience is buying one, 17% of the audience is in information-gathering mode, 20% of the audience is aware of there problem and may or may not avail your products and services. Rest 60% of the audience is not going to buy your product at any cost.

2 SWOT Analysis:- Prioritise the factors and audience that affect your business directly or indirectly. 

3 Develop a business case using a sales funnel and LTV module. LTV is very important for any business, LTV ensures heights profits to your business and makes sure that your customer returns to your website and make the purchase.

4 Use a framework like RACE, 5 P’s and 5 S’s to structure your thinking process.

Digital Marketing for B2B business will only be satisfied when there is proper planning done.

STEP 2 Effective website

Did you remember when was the last time you update your website? I know the answer.

A month ago?

A year ago?

A website is a digital identity that presents you. The website is rated as #1 decision making touchpoint for B2B businesses. Now I will be telling you certain things that you should keep in mind while developing a website.

1 A website should be dynamic, not static. By dynamic, I did not mean continuously posting on the website. The layout of the website should match the trend.

For the last 2 years, it was a trend to have a video on the top of the website background and now the trend is to have minimalistic designs.

2 Integrate your website with Google analytics and set goals on Google analytics. This will help you to get a proper analysis of your website growth.

3 When a person enters your website, he/ she is having the following question in his/her mind.

. Is the site credible?

. Is the site trustworthy?

. Is the site make me feel welcome?

. Am I in the right place?

. Is this a professional company?

. Is this is a company I could do business with?

. Does this website answer my question?

. Is this company stable?

So, you should make sure traffic must be satisfied with the content and the website. Digital Marketing for B2B business will only be satisfied when there is an existence of a dynamic website.

STEP 3 Search Engine Marketing

Search volume is usually low in B2B business but then also it is better to target the search audience.

30 % of B2B businesses spend no time on Search engine optimization and 55% spend no time on Pay per clicks ads.

Due to which they directly loose at least 10,000 potential customers per month. You should use Pr and should outreach for the quality backlinks. Set geographical targets and metadata for international marketing.

Top channels for researching purchase are as follows:-

  • 80% search
  • 75% website
  • 70% of customer reviews and case studies.
  • 25% blog post
  • 20% of social media marketing

. 80% search

. 75% website

. 70% of customer reviews and case studies.

. 25% blog post

. 20% of social media marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click provide a boost to digital marketing for B2B business.

STEP 4 Social media marketing for B2B business.

Most inbound marketers have to obtain lead form Social media too. Like 55% from LinkedIn, 52% from Facebook, 44% from Twitter. This is not only in papers, but I have also personally seen people getting clients to form social media. Social media provide a boost to digital marketing for B2B business.

Here are some tips while you create your social media handle.

. Always create sharing oriented content. 

. Make sure you continue a theme on your page.

. Use all the relevant features in Linkedin and Instagram like hashtags and alt text.

. Interact on social media with people, this helps to increase your reach.

STEP 5 Analysis and improvement

Only 20% of B2B firm uses analysis tools on there website. Every business needs to know whether they are achieving there objective on time or not. 

The company must use Google Analytics to set goals and make sure they achieve it.

Eight goals were relevant for every B2B business.

. PDF/document downloads.

. A quick inquiry form fills up. 

. Call back request.

. Webinar setups.

. Request for demo service or product.

Proper analysis make sure successful completion of digital marketing for B2B business.

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