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Hi ! Aarjav this side. After having 100+ clients in our agency, now we are launching this Course.
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Learning Path

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing and website creation

Website is like an Aadhaar Card in Digital world and it is very important to make a website presentable and unique, personal creativity plays a crucial role in this. We will not be teaching you on any coding platform, WordPress platform will be used.

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Session 2: Pillars of marketing
Session 3: Introduction to website development
Session 4: What is wordpress and WordPress installation
Session 5: Website Post v/s Page
Session 6: Introduction to Elementor
Session 7: Website page development
Session 8: Advance features in website development
Session 9: How to upload post on the website?
Session 10: WhatsApp hat functionality on the website
Session 11: How to create a one page website?
Session 12: How to maintain the speed and security if the website?
Session 13: Tips to create a professional website
Session 14: Q&A session
Session 15: Uber Marketing case-study

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps your website to get on the first page of Google Search Result page. We will teach you that how you how to rank your website on the top of google search page and how this Google algorithm works.

Session 1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
Session 2: How to do keyword research?
Session 3: How to do On-page SEO?
Session 4: How to write a perfect blog on the website?
Session 5: Google search console integration
Session 6: Introduction to Off page SEO
Session 7: Backlinking
Session 8: Guest Posting
Session 9: How to register you business with Google my business?
Session 10: Q&A sessions

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. By the help of google analytics you can track every aspect of website and with different metrics. This make digital marketing different from traditional marketing.

Session 1: Introduction to Google Analytics and how to track traffic on the website?
Session 2: Audience and Real-time matrix analysis
Session 3: Acquisition matrix analysis
Session 4: Behavior and conversion matrix analysis
Session 5: Google search console integration
Session 6: Advance functions on Google Analytics
Session 7: How to start the annotation feature and build re-marketing audience
Session 8: How to setup goals and funnels
Session 9: How to do segmentation and compare matrices
Session 10: How we can create marketing decision on the basis of data from Google Analytics
Session 11: Q&A sessions
Session 12: How to apply for Google Analytics certificate?
Session 13: Coca cola Marketing Case-study

4. Social Media Marketing

In social media marketing you will be learning Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter Marketing, YouTube SEO and marketing, LinkedIn Marketing. Not only the technical part, you will learn how to make people click on your ads and how analyze statistics of your ads.

Session 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Session 2: Which is the best platform for you?
Session 3: Introduction to graphic designing (Canva)
Session 4: How to create logo and insert it on the website.
Session 5: How to create Facebook page?
Session 6: Facebook and Instagram organic marketing.
Session 7: Introduction to Facebook ads.
Session 8: Ads manager dashboard
Session 9: How to make ads for facebook?
Session 10: What is Facebook pixels and how to setup FB pixels?
Session 11: Analyze Facebook audience.
Session 12: Messenger chat functionality on the website
Session 13: Ads analysis of the ads that you will be running.
Session 14: How to see competitors ads on Facebook Ads Library?
Session 15: YouTube Marketing
Session 16: How to upload videos on YouTube?
Session 17: How to make you LinkedIn profile strong?
Session 18: LinkedIn ads manager.
Session 19: Organic growth on Quora and Quora ads manager.
Session 20: Organic growth on Twitter and Twitter ads manager.
Session 21: Q&A session

5.Advance Video Editing

This is the most interesting module in this course because Video editing is a real fun. In this module you will learn video editing at beginner, intermediate and advance level. You can create professional videos for your clients or for your business.

Session 1: How to be creative?
Session 2: Why you should go for Video marketing?
Session 3: Video editing software installation
Session 4: How to create professional video?
Session 5: Maggi marketing Strategies

6. Email Marketing and content marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. Spamming is not considered as Email marketing.

Session 1: Introduction to Email marketing.
Session 2: How to collect target audience Email organically.
Session 3: Introduction to Mail chimp
Session 4: How to add audience using different matrices?
Session 5: How to create professional Mails?
Session 6: Tips and tricks to do Effective Email marketing.
Session 7: Email Jargon
Session 8: Session of Content and Inbound Marketing
Session 9: How to apply for the certificates of Email marketing and Inbound marketing
Session 10: Starbucks marketing Strategies
Session 11: How to can do marketing of the clothing brand?

7. Affilate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Session 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Session 2: How does Amazon affiliate works?
Session 3: How Search Engine Optimization is important for affiliate marketing?
Session 4: Do’s and Don’s to work as an affiliate marketer
Session 5: How to earn money online from affiliate marketing?
Session 6: How to do Affiliate Marketing in USA or any other country?
Session 7: How to analyse affiliate dashboard.
Session 8: Digi sidekick partnership program

8. Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, we will teach you how to run ads on four different properties of Google :- Google Search, Google Video (You Tube), Google display (websites and app) and Google shopping.

Session 1: Introduction to Google Ads
Session 2: What is pull and push marketing?
Session 3: What is Google Ads Auction?
Session 4: What is Google ads structure
Session 5: Introduction to Google Ads Dashboard
Session 6: Different type of keyword on Google search
Session 7: Google search ads development
Session 8: Location settings on Google.
Session 9: Google ads rotation and Ads scheduling.
Session 10: What is Google ads extension?
Session 11: Ads Group
Session 12: Type of Audience on Google
Session 13: How does Google charge money from us?
Session 14: Introduction to Google display ads.
Session 15: vCPM
Session 16: How to compare different budgeting methods?
Session 17: Google video/ You Tube ads.
Session 18: Video ads sequence functionality
Session 19: Google ads keyword research.
Session 20: Re marketing campaigns on Google
Session 21: Q&A session
Session 22: How to apply for Google Ads certificate?

9. E commerce Website development

E commerce  also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. … Global retail Ecommerce sales are projected to reach $27 trillion by 2020

Session 1: Introduction to woo commerce plugin
Session 2: How to install woo-commerce plugin?
Session 3: Setting up the general setting of E-commerce.
Session 4: How to add new products on the website?
Session 5: How to have variable product (color and size feature) on the website
Session 6: Woocommere + Elementor
Session 7: How to add coupon code function on the website?
Session 8: How to set-up payment gateway.
Session 9: Q&A session for E commerce website development
Session 10: How to get more client working as a freelancer?
Session 11: How to maintain relations with the client?
Session 12: How to make sure perfect delivery of projects?
Session 13: How to brow your business online as a business owner?
Session 14: How to brow your business online as an entrepreneur?
Session 15:  Thanks You lecture for being the part of DIGISIDEKICK family❤.

10. Internship

After the course completion learner will be getting the opportunity to work as an intern in Digi Sidekick’s Digital Marketing Agency. Every month we hire more than 15 interns.  Internship will paid and work from home.

How we will be teaching you and how it is different from other courses.

Why you should choose Digi Sidekick ?

Google Certificates

You will be getting 11 certificates during the course. From Google, Facebook, Hubspot and Digi Sidekick certified certificate.

Duration of the course

Duration of the course depends upon the time you are investing. If your spend 2 hours a day, then you can complete the course in 40-50 Days.

Paid theme and wordpress plugins

Institute will provide you with all the required plugins for the smooth performance of your website project worth Rs. 17000/-.


Get a chance to work as an intern in Digi Sidekick Digital Marketing Agency, practice what you learn in the course. Note: Internship will be performance-based.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Mentorship is very important to learn digital marketing. For any doubts, learner can directly contact on whatsapp or call.

Telegram Group

DigiSidekick has a community of 2000+ marketers, where you can share your projects with you fellow matte and build long term connections

Live Projects

We offer exposure to live projects led by instructors on completion of each core module like website development, SMM and SEO.

CV Builder

Add skills like Digital marketing, Photo Editing, Video Editing, SEO expert and market analyst, SMM expert in your CV.

Videos Lectures
Bring business online



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San Arav
Read More
Absolutely great learning, It's very practical approach. It was a great decision on my part to took up Digi sidekick digital Marketing course. Thank you so much Mr. Aarjav Jain for your ...
Saranya S
Read More
I purchased digital marketing course from digi sidekick and felt that i have chosen one of the best platform. Being an arts student i had a slightest doubt of whether i would be able to grab the content but those practical explanations made it easier for me and my queries were clarified every now and then...
Bhanu Prasanth
Read More
course was top notch considering the price. The instructor, Aarjav Sir was pretty responsive and helpful which helped me complete my course in a smooth manner. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to start off with Digital Marketing from scratch...
Murali M
Read More
I like your way of presenting the course. A poor student can also easily learn from you. Your teaching is very clear. Thank you for teaches me a beautiful course. Before I start this course I was so blank about social media on that SEO PART it helps me learn lot....
Develina Mitra
Read More
Excellent course material, Aarjav teaches the entire course with hands on training, providing access to some tools which otherwise would have cost quite a fortune to buy....
Vishnu Vardan
Read More
I have completed all the modules of the course and I must say that I am really glad to have been stumbled upon this course. This is probably the only course with so much practical application and examples. The tutor (Mr. Aarjav) is very professional and...
Sriyansh Jain
Read More
If you actually want to learn the various aspects of digital marketing than you should definitely enroll into this course offered by them,it's so insightful like from the beginning to the end Aarjav explains everything so elaborately. I was really a novice in this field but now I think from developing a website to SEO I can do everything and ..
Shreekant M S
Read More
It was a great decision on my part to took up Digi sidekick digital Marketing course. The lucid way of teaching in this course is just awesome. The step by step approach and the simple language is the best thing about this course....
Rohan Bhrede
Read More
The course is taught in a very practical manner by Aarjav. The best part which i like about course is website development module, in which you are able enough to create a professional website from scrap with the help of paid plugin called elementar pro which is provided itself in the course...
Grace Bolvin
Read More
M speechless . what to say about Digi sidekick m confused have so many words but i will end it with a huge thanks to Mr. Aarjav Jain , the most intelligent person i have ever seen ...

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