Apple marketing strategies that will broaden your thinking

Apple marketing strategies that will broaden your thinking

Steve Jobs was not a degree holder, he was not certainly an engineer but from his performance, we can judge that he was excellent at product development and marketing.

Apple marketing strategies have become a benchmark for its competitors and they also want to reach similar heights of recognition as well as revenue. Apple got 70% of the revenue from the phone only. Here are some of the Apple marketing strategies that will help you to increase your domain of marketing-

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Apple marketing strategies

1. Apple marketing strategies- Simplicity is the key to success.

In the 21st century, customers and prospects do not majorly all upon the complex and flashy marketing like most of the companies still do today like Oppo and Vivo. Apple understood this concept very early and has created its separate identity.

In apple marketing strategies like television advertisements, social media, posters, etc there is no information about how to purchase the product, where to purchase the product, etc. Apple marketing strategies are very straight forward and simple- they just show their product and that product speaks for himself.

You should also look at your project plan, your sales pitch and your workplace and ask yourself? Am I following all the relevant steps that are required in my business? Am I taking any extra steps that won’t necessary?

One you do these king of self-actualization you will; think like Apple.

2. Product Placement

Hereby product placement I did not mean shops, website and Apple stores. You might have seen Apple products in various Netflix TV series and movies. This is one another important Apple marketing strategies that help them to create their premium image in the eyes of the customer.

For sure you might not have this kind of marketing budget to put into your business, but indeed you can start at a micro-level. Bu micro level here I mean is tapping influences so that they can advertise your product on their youtube channel, Instagram or Snapchat.

Recently I was reading some articles and the statistics state that from 2011 Influencer marketing has grown over 1130%.

3. Focus on unique proposition you are offering- not on the price

A plus point for Apple marketing strategies is that Apple never involved in the price war. This is not because of their premium prices but because of the unique proposition that they offer to there customers.

This statement means that if you di not want to fall under the price war then you need to offer something that no one is offering. All the other competitor’s companies are working on the Android platform, powered by Google. But Apple runs on the IOS platform, powered bt Apple itself. Apple provides some features on their product that no one provides.

These Apple marketing strategies can be used for any product or service. Just focus on what sets you apart from the rest of the market and your competitors. 

4. Use visuals

A few days back Apple launch I phone SE 2nd series and the visuals they have used in the video was amazing as well as simple enough to maintain their standard.

Apple even had advertisement with only 10 words in the whole ad because they understand that the words, especially the excess of words, is not what attracts their customers and prospects. When creating marketing campaigns, fewer words mean more to the audience, especially when they are given images that resonate on a deeper emotional level.

This even makes sense, right? As till now, we have talked that Apple marketing strategies are simple and innovative, it makes sense that Apple wants to focus more on visuals—something that has the power to speak to customers and stakeholders more quickly.

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5. Use Stakeholder language.

apple marketing strategies

I don’t know about you but I fall in love with Apple the day they launched iPod that can contain 20,000 songs at a time.

Here is what I mean: when they advertised the 80 gigabyte iPod, the biggest text that was appearing in there ads said: “store 20,000 songs”—the best part was, nobody cares what is a gigabyte? I mean, we know what it is, but what does that mean for us?

They spoke to me in the term that I understand and I relate to, they spoke to me in the unit I care about. Probably during that time, competitors might be thinking that Apple is doing a big mistake by not showcasing the merits of the products in real form.

Your stakeholders are all that matters. So, the pitch you deliver should only be speaking in a language that matters to them.

6. Apple marketing strategies– Do think differently

If you sum all the above 5 points, you might be thinking that Apple’s marketing strategies are different from its competitors from the start.

These days most of the companies are using the same strategies, this is the reason you may not find the difference but let me tell you when Apple was at its initial stages their advertisement was actually different and you can feel the difference.

So, at last, I will only recommend you to find the essence of your business that makes you different from others.

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