10 most important SEO Tips you must know.

10 most important SEO Tips you must know.

Like I told you earlier it is very important to have Search Engine Optimisation of your website and I feel that it is one of the most technical tasks to do as a digital marketer. In this blog we will be telling you all the SEO tips that are important to make your website rank.

 When you are having an e-commerce website and or you are selling products or services online then it becomes important to have SEO of your website, because your primary focus is to drive traffic on your website. 

There can be many sources of traffic pay per click ads, social media traffic, and SEO.

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If you are having a website without SEO it is like you are selling your product in the middle of the desert where no one comes and if you are having a good SEO of your website then it is like you are selling your product in a supermarket where a lot of people came every day.

When it comes to sech engine optimization the first thing that effects are your website. So in this blog, we will see what are the steps that we can do to have good SEO of our website.

In this blog, we will be focusing on On-page SEO.

On-page SEO means optimizing and structuring the content of your website so that our website see the search engine language and help Google to find our website and get more traffic.

On-page Seo is so important because it helps Google search engine to understand what the website is trying to convey and then google sends traffic to our website. on the page, SEO is the subset of SEO.

if you want to rank your website we do not have to focus on the on-page SEO, there are two more aspects i.e Off-page SEO and technical SEO.

So the crux is all the on-page SEO is managing all the keyword on the website make it search engine language optimized. 

Now we will be discussing the 10 on-page SEO tips that I have used on all my websites and provide good results.

SEO tips you must know

1. Publishing good content

In digital marketing, it is said that ‘content is the king’. A website will do legit good if it is having good content, with or without SEO. The website will never rank without good content, with or without SEO.

A website will do good with the good content but with the SEO it will do good.

But you need to make sure that all the content you post on the website should be organic, it should not be copied from any other website or any platform present on quora.

You can check the plagiarism on the smallseotool website.

Use content on the website which is well researched. All the statistics that you use on the website should be correct and precise.

The content you publish should be unbiased and make sure what you write on the website should be both the side of the story.

2. Optimize page title and Meta description

Optimizing your title and meta description is important because it not only helps in On-page SEO but also in increasing the CTR of the website.

Not what CTR is, CTR means click-through rate. 

People will be going to click on the eye-catching and innovative title that the normal and boring little.

Following things, you should always in your SEO title:-

. Use number in the post title.

. Use power keyword in the Post title like – amazing, best.

. Use the main keyword of the blog in the post title, post URL and POst meta description.

. No need to include your Domain name is the title.

#for example- 10 amazing SEO tips every marketer must know. Here 10 is the number and amazing is the power keyword.

One of the most important SEO tips is always included you Focus keyword in the URL of the blog page and make sure the URL length is less than 70 words.

3. Optimize page content

To make a particular page optimized you need to do keyword research before start writing content on the page of the website.

It becomes very important to find what are people finding on the search box because you will be getting ranked on the search team that people search for. 

For example- Suppose On Google people are searching for ‘best SEO tips’ and the number of searches for this term is 20,000 per month. It will good if you make a blog on ‘best SEO tips’ instead of making a blog on ‘SEO tips must know’ or something else.

Now the question is where to find these keyword data, some websites will help you get keyword data. The website is Uber Suggest, Google Trends.

You can also know about the keywords on google related search result, people also search for and searches related to on google search page.

4 Heading formation

One of the important SEO tips is heading formation. Heading should be in the proper hierarchy. 

Make sure that our focus keyword should appear in the H1 of the blog because it helps to improve the search engine to identify the niche.

Two things that you need to keep in mind is always used interesting Subheading because visitors first read all the heading and then read the articles.

So, the heading should be appealing enough to that reader read the whole article. The second is to use the focus keyword in the heading to make the article SEO optimized.

5 Multimedia Content

Hereby multimedia content, I mean is using as more as video and photo in your blog. Because it makes your blog more interesting and increases engagement.

People keep on asking me about the SEO tips, I just say SEO starts from home that is your website. 

As I told you in my previous blog that light the website is, fast it will load. So make sure that all the content you are posting on the website is compressed. 

By multimedia, I not only mean image or video. You should use the table and graph on your website to depict information. You can also use the pros and cons of a particular topic. 

All these SEO tips will not only help in optimizing the content but also increases the quality of content.

6 Page load speed

The faster your page load, the better your SEO tips work. Google is paying major focus on page speed of your website. 

Recently I was reading some article and it was shocking for me to know if your page load speed is more than 3 sec than the bounce rate increases to 90%.

First, let me tell you what is bounce rate. When a person enters your website and leaves you page within 5 sec that that person is counted as bounce traffic. By this google find that the content on page os relevant or not.

You can check the page load speed on the website GTmetrix.

And that is how this is an important factor for the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

make sure you are using a good hosting plan for your websites like Godaddy, site ground and hostinger.

7 Internal linking

Internal linking is the most effective SEO tips that work for me very well. Internal linking means you are creating your website web.

Internal linking means that putting your website link in a particular blog. 

Now the question is how is this helpful for SEO.

Google reviews your website every day by sending its bots and scan the whole website. Suppose Google bots are analyzing a page of your website and you have already put 10 links on that page. Now what will happen is Google will also take those 10 pages into accounts.

This will help to increase the page authority and domain authority of your website. 

Some of the best practice that you should do while doing interlinking is:-

. Add an internal link where it is useful to the readers.

. Do not put more than 10 links per blog

. When it is possible to add the link in the main body text of the blog, instead of footer or sidebar.

8 Mobile Optimisation

As I have told you this many times that 70% of the times website is open in the mobile. So it becomes important to have a mobile-friendly website. If you are not having a mobile-friendly website than the bounce rate of the website will going to increase and this will directly going to affect search engine optimization of the page.

Make sure to use a good page builder for your websites like Divi Builder and Elementor.

Our digital marketing course online will help to know about all this element in detail.

So, yes, in the end, I will say On-page SEO is more important the Off-page SEO.

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