The marketing strategy of ZARA

The marketing strategy of ZARA

1. Be fast, not first

Zara is one of the humongous & luxury brands which is very popular for its unique designs. But Zara believes in copying the trend which is acceptable by the customers rather than experimenting with the trend.

There has always been a hush-hush among the top brands to be the first one to become trendsetters of the market, but Zara being one of the top brands prefers to be the first ones to copy the newly launched trends in the market and make it available to the customers in a very short span of time and even providing them at the affordable prices which undoubtedly benefits Zara with this strategy and, this in return reduces its efforts in marketing and brainstorming the new fashion ideas.

2. It Monitors and Responds To Customers’ Feedback

Zara is a company that always keeps its customers the first priority. It not only values its customers but also keeps an eye on their feedback. The store attendants at Zara are not like the normal workers who are more concerned about managing the store and keeping it up to date, instead, they are no less than fashionista themselves.

These attendants not only help in finding a perfect outfit for the customer but also keenly listen to the demands of customers. 

They eagerly note down all the demands and the design requirements being asked by the customer which is then communicated to the designers of the brand and then it is immediately been conveyed to the production houses.

The improved designs and enhanced changes are very soon made available in the stores. This is one of the ways by which Zara maintains its loyalty and brand value.

3. Location is of utmost importance

The location has always the most important factor for the company. Zara always opens its store away from the general audience in the high profile areas. The company not only invests a huge amount of money for its rich location but also spends a hefty amount to make the store attractive and captivating by giving a luxury look to the store.

Even though Zara does not spend much on advertisement but it makes sure that its store is worth appealing. With numerous stores in almost 88 countries, Zara has always made itself better with the emerging changes.

4. Creating Exclusivity & Scarcity

The brand focuses on creating limited copies of every product which makes the products to be in huge demand. Because of limited copies of the product customers want to grab them as soon as possible which makes them go ‘Out of Stock’ very soon and, hence it makes the scarcity of the products.

The brand launches its new designs every 2 months which makes its customers visit the stores frequently which is not common for other brands and hence it maintains the brand value.

Because of the limited copies and unique designs, it maintains its exclusivity factor. Buying from Zara makes the customer happy because they won’t find the same outfit been worn by some other person at the workplace or at any other gathering which is quite possible which other smaller brands.

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