How we will be teaching you and how it is different from other courses.

1. Practical Approach

Since we are having a digital marketing agency and we are working with 70+ clients(2 USA clients), so we are having a very clear idea of what are the skills required in the Digital Marketing field. And we will be teaching you every module using the practical approach only.
So that if you are working as a freelancer, this will help you regarding the same.

2. Regular Webinars

After enrolling in this course, you will be getting 90 pre-recorded lectures in which everything will be covered in detail, but since digital marketing is a very dynamic and vast field.
To make sure your regular learning we conduct 2 webinars every month, this webinar majorly focus on:-
1. The real-life digital marketing problems that I face working with my clients and ask my student in the webinar that what will you do if you were at my place. This will give you a practical approach to work in the digital marketing field.

2. I work on my client’s project in front of all of my students on the webinar. So that you will know how to work at a professional level in this field and we provide the maximum level of practical knowledge to all our students.

3. Effective Approach

In any digital marketing field, three steps need to be followed:-

  1. Research
  2. Implementation
  3. Analyses

But most of the digital marketing courses focus only on the 2nd i.e implementation.

I will explain to you this with an example- Suppose you are running a Facebook ad. You can find a video on YouTube that how to run Facebook ads, but you will not find a video on Facebook that how to make people click on your Facebook ads, which is the most important part.

And you will not find a video on YouTube or any other course that how to analyze those ads. To make sure that ads are running on their full potential.

We make sure that in every module these three things are taught to you deeply.

4. All aspects covered

In this course, you will be learning all the aspects of Digital Marketing in detail, so when you are applying for the jobs or working as a freelancer then you will have an edge over others. You will be learning website development, search engine optimization, google analytics, social media, marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Google tag manager, E-commerce website development, Google ads, Facebook marketing.

5. Premium Plugins

During the course, we will provide you Elementor Pro and Movavi, so that you will learn digital marketing at the premium platforms. Both of them are paid plugins, worth Rs.16000/-, you will be getting free lifetime access to both the plugins. We can provide you these expensive plugins because we use these plugins in our marketing agency and have unlimited access to these plugins.

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