How PUMA evolved as a brand with impressive easy-going marketing tactics?

How PUMA evolved as a brand with impressive easy-going marketing tactics?

PUMA is one of the leading sports brands globally and is currently developing various designs, for selling & marketing shoes, apparel, and accessories worldwide. This brand was born in 1948 and in course of time it emerged out as one of the fastest-growing companies.

As a marketer, brands like these are studied and are seen as examples of how a successful marketing strategy can benefit from making prime exclusive brands.

Now you might be thinking, what’s so good about their marketing strategy? So, the answer is this blog. We’ll shine a bit of light on the PUMA brand, its marketing strategies, and what PUMA did to make themselves a formidable brand against huge co-ops like NIKE and ADIDAS.

In this evolving era of media, there are many start-ups, brands, ventures, etc., wanting to make their name in the big game. However, not many of the brands have an actual understanding of marketing the brand/ product. Let’s see how PUMA markets its products.

PUMA uses a mixture of demographic, geographic, and psychographic tactics to understand the constantly changing wants and needs of customers in this competitive market. They have positioned themselves as a brand that motivates and inspires you to move ahead in life with their tag “Fastest Forever” and this can be seen in how PUMA makes their adverts.

After bragging how good PUMA’s marketing is, we will look into some good examples of what different techniques they used to accomplish as the brand they are now. As mentioned earlier PUMA has a mixture of different strategies; to target numerous types of people.

Let’s explore this with examples.

PUMA SELLS THE DREAM: Now what do I mean by selling dreams. PUMA in their adverts selling you “an envisioned dream.” This will make you feel how PUMA products can make you feel superior.

Now let’s take this advert as an example. After seeing this advert people pursuing a career in athletics will relate to this advert and imagine themselves as a successful sports player.

As you can see, this ad doesn’t talk about how great the shoes are. What are its features? How beneficial it is? What’s the price?

Rather it just emphasizes one bold statement.


So, this makes you believe that this successful football player makes all his passes in PUMA shoes; and you can also become like him.

This is called luxury marketing where a supposed envisioned dream is marketed to you. This same technique is also used by APPLE.

Here is another example. Just see this video. It makes you feel the immense energetic flow of a football player while wearing PUMA.

THE GULLY VIBE: I don’t think I have been impressed with an Ad. The vibe you get is something speechless. So much passion, love, and dedication their the only thing you can do while seeing/listening to this ad is the vibe with it.

The interesting part here is the lyrics which subconsciously get into your mind.

“Aa, Mere joote mein tu chal ke toh dekh

Sab Halle mein asli mein chalke tu dekh

Apne masslon ko jadd se massal ke toh dekh

Zameen aasamaan mein fa.fa.fa.fa.farak toh dekh”

Multi-lingual rap, now that’s creative! This diversifies the brand to a point where you don’t even think that it’s a posh or an expensive brand. It’s for you, for me, everyone.

FUTURE PROOF: It’s no rocket science, that after a while every brand becomes obsolete. Now what PUMA does is they try and show that no matter what the era is, they are future proof.

What difference does it make to claim that they are future proof?  It shows that they know their product and quality better than anyone. After all, as a consumer what when you buy something, regardless of its price you want it to work as long as possible. Making us believe that PUMA is ahead of time and is future proof is just another tactic to make you trust the brand.

See how visionary they have created a digital world to convey this message that you can start your futuristic journey with PUMA.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Social media marketing is the new bread-butter and jam for marketing! Anyone and everyone you know is on social media, so why not take this opportunity to promote your brand. Butwho said there is a hard and fast rule that you to have show a product, talk about its benefits, pay social media influencers to market? There are different ways to market on social media. Confused? Just see this video you will get what I am trying to convey here.

Now that’s an AR filter. No need for huge advertisements, songs, posters, sets, studios, just a filter, and social media will do its magic. This ad campaign was hugely successful with over 4 million impressions.


As you might have witnessed various advertisements you see on TV, social media, etc., how new hot brand emerges, markets for some months, and then afterward “poof” that brand vanishes. Now there are some mistakes that such brands do. It could be any one of these or all of these mentioned points below:

  1. To impress the audience, they try to defame their competitive brand (without naming it) in their adverts.
  2. The brand does not research enough about the targeting audience and tries to copy its rival brand.
  3. Taking about how amazing and high level the brand/product/service.

Now here comes the part which distinguished PUMA from these other brands. As you saw examples of how PUMA does their marketing, you must have noticed, there was no mention of any features, benefits neither comparison from any other brand. PUMA in their adverts never mentioned any rivalry or competition to any brand; rather they made PUMA a consumer-centric brand and improved their quality.

PUMA CEO Bjørn Gulden

“I don’t see my job as competing against all the brands. I see it as trying to be a good brand for the consumer.”

So, having a good quality product, tons of creative advertisements, and confidence made PUMA one of the fastest-growing companies.

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